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Undergraduate Admissions

VCU’s student media outlets connect, explore and enrich the lives of everyone on campus. Have something to say? Share it!

Student media

VCU encourages student expression and offers many media outlets for just that purpose. Write a breaking story for the newspaper, produce a short film or have an original poem published — the possibilities are endless.

Amendment literary journal: an annual journal promoting discussion on the topics of equality and tolerance, as well as other social issues concerning gender roles

Blackbird: an online journal of literature and the arts produced with the help of faculty, staff, students and alumni

Commonwealth Times: the independent student-run and -written newspaper, published twice a week during the school year

Ink Magazine: VCU’s alternative student publication of pop culture and campus life, published four times during the academic year

Mesh Media: a network of student-run multimedia websites that cover specific aspects of VCU and Richmond culture including sports, food, music and fashion

Poictesme: the undergraduate student literary journal distributed every spring to the student body and surrounding community

VCU InSight: a monthly television program produced and staffed by students in the Robertson School of Media and Culture.

WVCW: student-run and -managed radio station heard around campus and in some dorms