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Undergraduate Admissions

We provide a mind-opening, life-changing and high-quality learning experience. Intrigued? Keep reading.

Why VCU?

At Virginia Commonwealth University, we believe that world-class academics go far beyond the classroom. Our students are immersed in experiences that can only be found at one of the nation’s top research universities — with $248 million in funded research — located in a capital city that’s teeming with diverse culture and real-world opportunities.

Students on campus

VCU offers internships with Fortune 500 companies and more than 100 service-learning courses, and each of our 64 baccalaureate programs transform undergraduate curriculums into life-changing events.

Our students arrive full of enthusiasm, ready to make their dreams into reality and turn their ambitions into action. Our diverse community of faculty and staff supports our students and shares their characteristics of dedication, motivation, passion, perseverance, creativity and intelligence. Together they have what it takes to turn thoughts into concrete ideas, potential into genuine ability and goals into tangible results.

Students on campus