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Undergraduate Admissions

From flu shots to tutors to scholarly journals on subjects you didn’ know existed, we’ve got what it takes to set you up for success.

Student resources

Have questions? Need help writing that paper or figuring out the best career for you? One or more of the resources below is sure to help you out once you’re on campus.

VCU student support services

  • New Student and Family Programs help incoming students and their families gain their footing in the college experience.
  • Academic advisors make sure you are on the right track for your career goals.
  • Academic support includes tutoring, peer-assisted study sessions, foreign language conversation groups, writing support and more.
  • VCU Career Services offers career counseling and job search assistance and resources.
  • The Office of Disability Support Services assists students with appropriate academic adjustments such as program and exam modifications, classroom accommodations and auxiliary aids.
  • The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs advises student groups, provides individual and group counseling, coordinates university events, advocates for the concerns and interests of underrepresented student populations and promotes an appreciation of diversity throughout the campus community.
  • The Military Student Service Center helps veterans, active service members, dependents and spouses receiving military benefits make a successful transition into the academic community of VCU.

Health and counseling services

  • University Student Health Services provides high-quality outpatient medical, allergy and gynecological clinics; pharmacy, laboratory and vaccination services; after-hours emergency care; and affordable group health insurance.
  • The Wellness Resource Center, or “The Well,” helps students achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing education on nutrition, stress, domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse education and prevention, and other topics.
  • University Counseling Services provides confidential counseling to students on both campuses who seek personal, educational and vocational assistance. Services include group, individual and couples counseling, as well as crisis services and outreach workshops.

VCU Libraries

VCU Libraries features two main facilities: the James Branch Cabell Library on the Monroe Park Campus and the Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences on the MCV Campus. Together, the libraries hold 2.3 million print volumes, more than 440,000 electronic books and 60,000-plus journals, most of which are accessible electronically. If VCU doesn’t have what you need, we’ll find it for you.

We have one librarian assigned just to work with first-year students and offer free classes on managing research, organizing citations and searching efficiently to help you make the most of your research time. The libraries feature collaborative, open areas where conversation is allowed and quiet areas for whisper-only and silent-study (no-cellphone zones) spaces. Our 35-plus private study rooms can be reserved online and on the run using our mobile apps.

During the fall and spring semesters, James Branch Cabell Library runs around the clock (24 hours, Sunday through Friday) with slightly reduced operating hours on weekends and during summer sessions. Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences, which largely serves graduate students, expands its hours as needed. 

VCU students have access to all online library materials 24/7 from residence halls, apartments and any place in the world where they have Internet access.

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