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Richard Hubbard

Richard Hubbard

M.D. student
Ashland, Va.

Richard Hubbard followed in his father’s and his uncle’s footsteps when he chose to attend the VCU School of Medicine. But he’s forging his own path.

Hubbard received the Medical Society of Virginia Student Service Award as a result of founding the Basic Needs Program, a charity that helps impoverished children in Bangladesh. He’s relished the chance to involve the VCU community in the project, even sending undergraduate students to Bangladesh as interns.

Richard Hubbard

“VCU’s been great about bringing exposure to and helping me build my program, recruiting the next generation,” he said.

In addition to helping Hubbard with his mission of providing medical care in less fortunate areas of the world, the VCU Medical Center has given him hands-on experience here at home.

“It’s the kind of place where you learn experientially,” he said. “There’s no better place to learn than in an 865-bed hospital.”

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