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Victor Haskins

Victor Haskins

Senior, music major
Stafford, Va.

On any given evening, you might see Victor Haskins riding his bike through the streets of Richmond, trumpet in tow. He’s likely on his way to a gig at a local music venue.

Victor Haskins

“Sometimes Skip Gailes, one of my professors, will invite me to play a gig with him at the Jefferson Hotel,” he said. “Being able to sit in on a gig like that and play with people who are so much better than you are, it helps you grasp music in a way that you can’t from lessons alone.”

Even before his freshman year, VCU professors were influencing Haskins. As a ninth grader, he attended the Festival of Winds and Percussion and met a VCU professor who became his instructor. Today Haskins’ professors are helping him master the art of improvisation and teaching him to view music in a whole new way.

“The things that have happened here — the people that I’ve met and the experiences that I’ve had — they couldn’t have happened anywhere else,” he said.

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