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Undergraduate Admissions

If knowledge is power, then we’re practically superheroes at VCU. Get involved with a research project and you may just help save the day.


As one of the nation’s top research universities, VCU boasts $248 million in sponsored research funding and a world-class faculty. Opportunities for research at VCU begin at the undergraduate level in all of VCU’s departments and schools — from the School of the Arts to the Department of History, from the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering to the School of Medicine.

Some ways to get involved include:

  • UROP Undergraduate Summer Fellowship
  • UROP Travel Grant Program
  • Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program
  • Freshman Research Institute
  • VCU School of the Arts undergraduate research grants
  • Health Disparities Research Experience
  • Health Education Research Opportunities
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Scholars Program
  • Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity scholars program
  • Short-term Educator Program for Underrepresented Persons
  • VCU Minority Access to Research Careers

Undergraduate research projects

At VCU, we offer our students the chance to pursue their passions and participate in research projects as soon as they are ready. Here are just a few examples of our students’ work:

Justin Bond, junior mechanical engineering major; Gabrielle Mormile, senior painting and printmaking major; Benjamin White, senior mechanical engineering major

  • Designing a board game and accompanying lesson plans that focus on sustainability and the James River to be used in local middle school classrooms

Ross Campbell, junior bioinformatics and chemistry major

  • Exploring ways to produce in bacteria a chemical compound normally found only in plants

Ameya Chumble, sophomore foreign language major

  • Creating scrub top designs for VCU Medical Center nurses

Ginnie Driggers, senior art history major with art history minor

  • Building an art exchange model between students in Richmond, Va., and Guatemala

Lisa Hardt, junior theatre major

  • Saving trees by developing technology that will allow stage managers to replace bulky printed prompt books with digital versions

Addison Herron-Wheeler, senior English major

  • Researching and compiling Richmond-related poems and images from the 16th century to today and publishing them in a handmade miscellany/zine

Garrett Howe, senior pursuing dual degrees in physics and mechanical engineering (nuclear engineering track)

  • Examining complex game theory models in the context of homeland security and nuclear terrorism

Nisan Hubbard, senior biology major

  • Investigating combination treatments in miapaca, a pancreatic cell line

Royena Tanaz, senior biology major (pre-med track) with a chemistry minor

  • Investigating the role of RAI1 in childhood onset obesity
Students taking notes in notebook in lab